Grand home reigns over private valley

1201 Romsey Road, Heskett


Do you remember in fairy tales when at the end of the long and winding road through the enchanted forest the princess or prince would stop and gasp as they came upon the wondrous magical house?

You too can live the experience if you travel to the Macedon Ranges, meander along the kilometre private drive and finally set your sights on the remarkable Hesket House estate.

It would be a fair bet to suggest this is a once-in-a-lifetime real estate discovery. Unique in just about every way, yet far from feeling foreign or weird.  The house feels friendly and warm, despite the grand scale. Nine bedrooms is the clue that this is a place for people to gather, without ever having to double up or share.  The room count also includes five bathrooms.

The property covers 60 botanically-rich hectares, positioned in a private valley and landscaped by esteemed Teedo Beggs, a specialist in mountain range design.

Kudos to the designer who created this home in the Arts and Crafts style, a movement which prided itself in craftsmanship inspired by nature. Born in 19th Century England, as a reaction to the industrial revolution, the Arts and Crafts movement rejected creation without soul and set a standard of organic design that more than a century on still sets a benchmark in holistic architecture.

So here we have a wonderful example of that style. Nature abounds, from the rammed earth walls to the extensive use of timber. The built environment is at one with the surroundings, and the layout is so well-conceived that a glorious AGA stove sits comfortably beside contemporary Miele appliances.

Of the many living spaces, the most striking is the ballroom-sized glass atrium. The soaring roof allows views of the trees, the lake, the clouds – it truly is the epitome of indoor-outdoor living, but with finesse and grace, the likes of which you will never see in a capital city.

Despite the vastness of this room, a more traditional space just steps away offers an informal lounge and dining area of 50sqm or so, and adjacent to that, well without wanting to make this home sound like a football field, there’s another 50sqm in which to find a couch or two, a book or three, or indeed a movie by moonlight.

The arrangement of rooms is ideal for dual living with the outer two wings devoted to accommodation, and the central area, all living rooms.

Numbers and measurements can be a touch boring, but this is the exception. The floorplan measures 60sqm – which means a shade under 590 square metres.

The property covers 60 botanically-rich hectares, positioned in a private valley and landscaped by esteemed Teedo Beggs, a specialist in mountain range design. You don’t notice individual elements of the garden, it’s just a glorious whole.  Drifts of daffodils, the reclaimed wood and carefully carved layers and terraces occur organically. The focal point though is the lake and pier. Where better to relax and recuperate at the end of the day?

There are schools nearby, including the kindy to Year 12 Peninsula Grammar and with five acres to roam or ride through at home, there’s room for kids to grow up happy and grounded. But yes, there is good wifi here as well.


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ADDRESS: 1202 Romsey Rd, Heskett
LAND: 60 ha
AGENCY: RT Edgar Macedon Ranges
CONTACT: Beverley Higgs on 0448 271 222


Travel time is approximately 60 minutes.