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250 Moore Road, Nar Nar Goon North


It’s rare to get a chance to quote Nietzsche in a property story. Yet, here we are.

“There will always be blocks in the road ahead of us” said Nietzsche.  “There will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how you use them.”

Gaze upon the walls of this rural delight at 250 Moore Road in Nar Nar Goon North, Victoria, and see what great use has been found for tonnes and tonnes of Aplite rock. Neither stumbling blocks nor stepping stones, these are the building blocks of a magnificent and unique home just 61kms south east of Melbourne’s CBD.

Built by the vendors and designed by Sheppard and Dwyer Architects this is a sophisticated home, that merely flirts with the concept of being ‘country’, despite the wide-open-spaces location.

Set on 53ha the home is situated on a gentle rise that guarantees the most wonderful views from the house, and elevates the open plan living area to must-see status.

 So, we have the Aplite stone walls, speckled concrete polished floors and golden hoop pine lined ceilings (that are mostly gently curved, sensuous arcs) with views to manicured trees and established gardens. Quintessential organic design that still offers a luxurious outcome.

 In a very cool acknowledgement of the rural location, the architects have built a massive curved awning over the main deck area. There’s a touch of shearing shed here, with the uplifted wave of corrugated iron – but no shearing shed I’ve ever seen comes with a solar heated pool and spa surrounded by flawless flagstone and pebble landscaping.

Built by the vendors and designed by Sheppard and Dwyer Architects this is a sophisticated home, that merely flirts with the concept of being ‘country’, despite the wide-open-spaces location.

The sweep of lush lawn, a green skirt to the house highlights the huge amount of open space that comes with the home. You won’t see that in Murrumbeena.

The details in this four-bedroom home are so many, and so yummy, that you will look at each frame in the video or the listing again and again, each time finding another great idea.

The front entranceway, with stone walls, flagging and shady trees give way to a giant Corten faced door worthy of a Beverly Hills mansion – I had to looked at the video several times before I realised how imposing the door was. Gorgeous. The panelling in the master bedroom, wow. Ceiling heights change as curves and walls intersect – but in every instance, they are high and handsome.

Back to earth and no, you don’t have to be a farmer to have a property such as this. There is a manager’s cottage in site and the cows are friendly. 

There are also new working sheds and a very swish office area.

Despite the very rural sense you get from the property, it is very close to Melbourne, and even closer to Packenham which is only 11kms down the road. Packenham is where you would do the serious weekly shop.  It’s also close enough to satisfy that curry craving, or the need for a pasta from Shanikas Packenham.

That’s not to say Nar Nar Goon is a ghost town, far from it. And yes, they do have a couple of schools – however Packenham offers many more.

What Nar Nar Goon does offer is quirky village life. It’s rather famous for its murals, which line the main street. The fish and chip shop one is my favourite.  

Curiously there are two Alpaca farms nearby – so there must be something in the air that suits those beautiful beasts, and may be another stock option for the farmer who likes stock with pretty faces.  Alpaca wool is also a rather spectacular product – but that’s a finance story, and finance stories are for the most part mind numbingly dull and never, ever offer Nietchke quotes.

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ADDRESS: 250 Moore Road, Nar Nar Goon North
LAND: 53.8ha
PRICE GUIDE:  Price by negotiation, $4.5-$4.95m
AGENCY: Harcourts Warragul
Evan Broadbent 0438 379 151


Travel time is approximately 60 minutes.

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