The Wattle Road journey is as poetic as it is practical. It’s as much about dreams and new beginnings, as it is about finding a house that you will love and a great school for your kids.

Ultimately though, we have created Wattle Road to inspire and guide your journey to regional Australia. Everything you need to know, before you escape the city for a new life in the country, or on the coast, is here. 

Starting with Victoria, we have profiled popular towns and some you may never have heard of.  Now, before you set off to audition a potential hometown, you’ll know something about its schools, major employers, health services and properties on the market. You’ll also know more about the locals and how they connect.

You’re a tourist on a mission, so we have added lots of things for you to explore along the way.

There’s no doubt, COVID-19 has taken the shine off city-living and the freedom to work from home has been transformational. It’s released many from lengthy commutes and long hours spent in city office blocks. 

Handed the key to a new life, VESPAs – Virus Escapees Seeking Provincial Australia – have hit the road. You’ll meet a few of them in the We Did It section. They all delight in their newly-found freedom of simpler, slower-paced, less financially-burdened and more connected lives.

In creating Wattle Road, we have engaged local writers to capture the essence of local life. Their excitement at regional Australia finally taking centre stage has been contagious.

We are busting myths of city slickers vs country bumpkins; of life in the sticks disconnected from the rest of the world; and of towns devoid of cultural pursuits. And we are learning how strong community values and entrepreneurial spirit builds vibrant townships.

Wattle Road has arrived on the tide of a regional rennaisance. We’re excited about advocating for Regional Australia and helping people realise their dreams of a country or coastal life.


Commercial Director

Phoebe was born and raised in Sydney, and from 2002 she worked in the media industry. In 2019 she was seeking a change and decided to travel for six months before returning to focus on a new career in Melbourne. But in July she found herself in unfamiliar circumstances. Escaping Melbourne’s strict lockdown laws, she moved with her partner to the tiny town of Jeparit, population 342, in western Victoria. It was a revelation. Phoebe fell in love with country life – its beauty, pace and ability to connect so easily with a local community. And so  was born.

Editorial Director

Janet has been a journalist for 30 years. She loves telling stories about people, their communities and life-changing journeys. Janet was the founding editor of one of Australia’s first regional lifestyle magazines and most recently held the position of National Real Estate Editor for a major media organisation. As a teacher’s child, she moved around Victoria growing up, living in towns such as Hamilton and Ballarat before settling in Geelong where she later raised her three children. Janet and her husband are actively seeking their next regional adventure and have their eyes set on the coast.



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Photography credits: Karen Webb, Jake Hogan and Illuma Photography


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